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Nutrifactor’s customer trust is built on our efforts to create and formulate high quality products and to manufacture with same consistent quality standards. Our People in quality assurance, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and facility management are all required to meet standards for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

What are Joint and Cartilage?
Joint is the physical connection of two bones and cartilage is the soft and flexible tissue present at the ends of two bones it provides flexibility and free movement.

Who can use Nuflex?
People having problems associated with joint swelling, redness, stiffness, and pain.

What is the maximum amount of Nuflex I can take each day?
2 tablets per day in divided dose or as directed by a physician

How to take it?
Take 2 tablets daily as a dietary supplement with water preferable after the meal.

Does it have any side effects?
Nuflex is a natural product. No side effects have been reported yet.

Who should not use Nuflex?
Anyone who is pregnant, lactating, or under medical supervision using any prescription drugs should use after consulting their health physician.

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