Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Healthy looking skin and hairs are thought to be a symbol of health and beauty. Just like other parts of the body hairs needs certain vitamins and mineral to grow and shine. Most of hair loss is caused by deficiency of certain nutrients which also cause other conditions in body. Other than these causes, genetics, age factor and hormones also play part in losing hairs. Early hair loss is most often connected to lack of enough nutrients and vitamins. In this article we are going to discover 3 vitamins which are more important for our body to grow and maintain healthy hairs.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vital nutrient which supports cells growth. It produces an oily element called sebum. Sebum is responsible to moisturize scalp and aids in maintaining hairs healthy and moisturized. Its important to intake Vitamin A for hair growth keeping in mind excess of vitamin A also leads to hair loss.

Vitamin B

Best known vitamin for hair growth is vitamin B. Many studies have shown that hair loss is mostly caused by vitamin B, which is also called biotin. Biotin stimulates production of keratin in hair and helps follicles to grow.

Biotin can be taken from many foods including whole grain, almonds, red meat, fish, seafood and dark leafy greens. Most of the time it is difficult to maintain biotin-oriented diet. Therefore, you can find Biotin supplements in online.

Vitamin C

Another reason possibly for hair loss is free radical damage. Free radicals. Human body makes free radicals in response of any inflammation or excess of exercise. Processed food which contains high level of sugar and carbohydrates also cause increased number of free radicals in our body. Increased level of these radicals causes many conditions in our body. In order to reduce them we should intake antioxidants.

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which helps eradicating free radicals in our body. It also strengthens immunity. Vitamin C helps in generating protein called collagen which is an essential part of hair structure. It also aids in absorption of different minerals which helps grow hairs.

Vitamin C can be taken from strawberries, guavas, citrus fruits & peppers.

Nutrifactor’s biotin plus is a dietary supplement which contains daily ideal amount of biotin. Nutra C & Extra C are two food supplements which provide daily need of vitamin C. These are OTCs and can be purchased online.

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